The End Result is not a Coincidence

Welcome to the first issue of The Comfort Zone.

You confirmed it. What do our customers want to know about HVAC? . . . Nothing! The Occupants, Dealers and Manufacturers do not wake up in the morning wondering what size duct should go on their buildings, the voltage needed at the site, or if the filters need to be changed. Yet those are three of the most common causes of HVAC service calls.

Can we expect absolutely no problems from an HVAC system? Wishful thinking! In most cases the HVAC unit is the only mechanical item on the building. It is totally dependent on us for the proper application and use. Size the duct or registers wrong and you will get hot/cold complaints from the occupants. Connect low site power to the unit, and its capacity is reduced, compressors burn out, and/or the high pressure switches trip. Allow dirty filters, and the coil freezes from restricted airflow.

Many of us in the industry are not interested in the technical part . . . just the end result. That end result is not a coincidence. We are all participants in the process.

What can we do to prevent HVAC calls? Dealers must specify what they want on their lease buildings based on well thought-out HVAC design criteria, and obtain from the End User the information needed by the Manufacturer to select and install the HVAC system correctly.

The next issue of The Comfort Zone will specifically answer how low site voltage effects the HVAC system, and what can be done about it.

Keep those cards and letters coming. Until the next time we enter The Comfort Zone . . . Be Cool.


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